20 Years Ago…

In just a few weeks, the Twins will be celebrating perhaps the greatest baseball season in the Upper Midwest when the 20th anniversary of the 1987 World Champion Twins will be held.  It should be a great event with everyone except the late Kirby Puckett and Joe Niekro expected to be there. 

During the weekend, we’ll all have flashbacks to certain plays, games or series that made the year so memorable.  Does it seem like 20 years ago to you that Puckett had the memorable weekend in Milwaukee?   Could it be that long ago that the post-ALCS rally turned into the largest pep rally ever held?  Or that it was 20 years ago Herb Carneal so dramatically, yet simply said, "Gaetti has it…over to Hrbek and the Twins are baseball’s World Champions!" 

Unfortunately, 2007 also marks the 40th anniversary of the most heartbreaking season in Twins history.  The Twins were in the driver’s seat heading into the final weekend of the year.  They simply needed to win one of two games in Boston to go to the World Series for the second time in three years.  Of course, they lost both games and Boston went on to the World Series only to lose it in seven games to Bob Gibson and the Cardinals.

I experienced the heartbreak from a unique perspective.  As a childhood Twins fan, I was uprooted and moved to central Missouri after the 1965 season.  My new baseball friends in Missouri reminded me regularly that the Cardinals had won the World Series as recently as 1964.  Through the 1966 season, I endured constant reminders that the Twins hadn’t won a World Series ever.  But in 1967, things were going to change.  The Cardinals had a great team(and a great broadcasting team….Harry Caray and Jack Buck…more on that another time).  It was apparent by late September that the Cardinals were the best team in the National League.  It was also clear that the Twins…my Twins!…were in decent position to represent the American League.  What better way to shut up the Cardinal fans than for the Twins to sweep the Cardinals in the World Series?  The Twins had a homerun champion in Harmon Killebrew…a rookie of the year in Rod Carew and a two-time batting champion in Tony Oliva.  I was sure the Twins were not only going to get to the World Series but blitz the Cardinals once they got there.  But, alas, it didn’t happen.  Lonborg and Yazstrzemski crushed my dreams and made life miserable for me in Missouri.  I won’t even tell you how bad it got for me as a Minnesota sports fan when the Chiefs crushed the Vikings in the Super Bowl a couple of years later.

But, fast forward 20 years later and, lo and behold, the Twins got back into the World Series against….the St. Louis Cardinals!  My memories of that season and Series will come later, but rest assured that when I shake hands with the members of that ’87 team in a few weeks, I’ll shake those hands a little more vigorously than some.  I might get a little more emotional than some.  After all, those players and that team allowed me to realize what I hoped would have happened 20 years earlier!

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That 1967 season was a heartbreaker for sure. I was just 9 and it was my first year of really knowing about what was going on with MLB. I listened to every game from my room in Richfield. Those two games against Boston were among the toughest losses of games I can ever remember. I recall Rod Carew commenting that he learned about professionalism on the trip home–Killebrew, Oliva, Allison–all just took the losses in stride on the plane back to Minnesota. Years later the Red Sox manager was on the old Larry King Show on the radio and I called in and talked to him about those two games.

Finally this: I understand that the Red Sox are selling the full DVD of that final game from the 1967 season. It is believed to be the oldest full game telecast video that there is.

Thanks for the memories ****!

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