September 2007

The Final Stretch…

Hi Twins fans, it?s been a while since I blogged.  So let me update and give you some thoughts on the Twins as they prepare for the final six weeks of the season.

36 TO GO! 

The Twins are in the final 36 games of the 2007 season and while their backs are not up against the wall, the Twins are starting to back up that way.  The Twins have been waiting to make ?that run? and so far ?that run? has not taken place. 

About the best the Twins have been able to do is five wins out of six (late May-early June) and just recently the Twins started a ?run? that produced four wins out of five games.  But that?s not enough.  The Twins need to put together a ?run? of wins that goes something like 10 out of 12 or 15 out of 18.  But time is running out.  Let?s say the Twins win 27 of their 36 games (a blistering .750 winning percentage), well the Tigers or Indians would only have to play a couple of games over .500 and the Twins still wouldn?t catch either team.  It?s going to be a tough challenge for the Twins, and I guess the only thing we (Twins fans) can do it hope for the best and see what happens.


You know how I like to follow the Twins minor league fortunes.  Each Sunday we feature Jim Rantz on the Twins Pre Game Show ?The Line-up Card? and Kris Attebury updates the Twins minor league teams at least three times a week during the pre-game show.  Well I have been checking around and asking some of the top authorities and asking them ?Who is going to be the Twins Minor League Player of the Year??  And no one can come up with an easy answer.  Here are some of the leading candidates:

Rochester Red Wings:  C-Jose Morales (having a stellar season and his bat is carrying him); IF-Matt Tolbert (started strong, but has tapered off some late in the year); CF- Denard Span (having a much better second half than first)

New Britain RockCats:  SS-Trevor Plouffe (one of the leading candidates, it not the top leader Plouffe is having a steady season, and despite early problems in the field, he?s playing much better at SS)

Fort Myers Miracle:  OF Eric Lis (won a batting title last year at Beloit and if following up his ?06 season with a steady ?07 season)Beloit Snappers:  IF Brian Dinkleman (now playing at Fort Myers after his promotion, Dinkleman has put together a nice first full season in professional season)

Gulf Coast Twins:  OF Ben Revere (the Twins number one pick in the recent ?07 draft, Revere is doing quite well)

Elizabethton Twins:  IB Rene Leveret (one of the top two players for the E-Town Twins);  3B    Delbinson Romero (another top player for the E-Twins)                            

Stats on the Leading Candiates: 

Morales-.322ba, 2hr, 33rbi; Tolbert-.299ba, 5hr, 45rbi; Span-.253ba, 3hr, 49rbi; Plouffe-.280ba, 9hr, 50rbi; Lis-.279ba, 16hr, 90rbi; Dinkleman-.282ba, 13hr, 42rbi; Revere-.318ba, 0hr, 22rbi; Leveret-.302ba, 7hr, 61rbi; Romero-.309ba, 9hr, 50rbi.

Note:  Sometimes it?s tough for a short season team to have the position player or pitcher of the year.  Playing just 80 games these individuals have to have banner seasons to compete with the players (and pitchers) who have competed in a regular season 140 game season.

And a further note:  The Twins have a number of pitchers in line for the Jim Rantz Minor League Pitcher of the Year and in our next blog we will review the top pitching candidates.

Twins Quiz:  Just recently Johan Santana set a new strikeout record when he struck out 17 batters vs the Texas Rangers. The previous mark was 15, held by four different pitchers.  Who was the last pitcher to strike out 15 batters in a game and in what year did that pitcher perform this feat? 

That?s all for this time Twins fans, and I promise I will have another blog for you soon.

?Touch ?em All,?

John Gordon