Test Your Twins Knowledge: Runs-batted-in

Over the years the Twins have had some prolific runs batted in producers.  Harmon Killebrew, Gary Gaetti, Kirby Puckett, and Justin Morneau just to name a few.  Let’s seehow you do trying to answer these qestions about productive Twins runs-batted-in leaders.

1.  Who holds the single season runs-batted-in record, and how many did this Twins player in his record setting season?    

2.  We all know Harmon Killebrew led the Twins in RBI in 9 different seasons.  But do you know who is second in leading the Twins in RBI for a season?  And how many seasons did this Twins lead the team?  
3.  When is the last time the Twins had two players drive in over 100 runs in a single seasn?  And name the two players?  
4.  True or False.  The Twins have never had three players drive in 100 or more runs in one season?  

5.  What rookie holds th record for most RBI in his first season with the Twins?   

6.  Just three players totaled over 1-thousand RBI in their Twins career.  Who are the three? 

See how you do trying to answer these 6 Twins Quiz Questions, and I’ll have another quiz for you coming up soon.

“Touch ’em All,”
John Gordon

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