All-Star Trivia Questions & Answers

Last week before the All-Star game (and what a game it was!) we presented a few Twins-related All-Star questions… And, below you will see those questions along with the answers!

How did you do??

1.  Name the Minnesota Twin who has started the most times in an All Star Game?
Answer:  Rod Carew.  Rodney was selected to 13 All Star games as a Twins and started in 12 of those 13 games.
2.  There have been three pitchers over the years who have started an AL All Star Game.  Name them?
Answer:  Dean Chance started the 1967 game, Frank Viola was the starter in the 1988 game, and Jack Morris drew the starting assignment in the 1991 game.
3.  Over the years the Twins have had 7 catchers named to the AL All Star team.  See if you can name 5 of the 7?
Answer:  Joe Mauer, Earl Battey, Tim Laudner, Dave Engle, AJ Pierzynski, John Roseboro, and Butch Wynegar. 
4.  In 2006, Torii Hunter made a great catch to take away a home run from a National League starter.  Who was that hitter.
Answer:  Barry Bonds
5.  Harmon Killebrew was an 11 time AL All Star.  But for some reason he started just a handful of game.  How many games did he start?
Answer:  Just four games in 1964, 67, 68, and 1970
6.  The Minnesota Twins have hosted two AL All Star games.  What were the years?
Answer:  1965 at Metropolitan Stadium, and 1985 at the Metrodome.
7.  Just two Minnesota Twins have hit home runs in All Star commpetition.  Who were the two?
Answer:  Harmon Killebrew hit three All Star home runs, and Kirby Puckett hit one.
8.  In the 1999 All Star game this Twins player caught the final out and he still has the ball to prove it.  Who was that player? 
Answer:  Ron Coomer.  He was playing first base. 
9.  Over the years the Twins have had one winning All Star pitcher and one losing All Star pitcher.  Name the winning pitcher and the losing pitcher? 
Answer:  Bert Blyleven was the losing pitcher in the 1973 game, and Frankie Viola was the winning pitcher in the 1988 game.
10.  Just once a Minnesota Twin was named the MVP of the All Star game.  Name that player and the year he won the award?
Answer:  Kirby Puckett, 1993 at Balimore’s Camden Yards.

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