Twins All-Star Trivia

Hi Twins Fans, 
The All Star Game (at Yankee Stadium) is just around the corner and the Twins will have three representatives. Joe Mauer will be the starting catcher, and Justin Morneau will be a reserve infielder. And Joe Nathan hopefully will get a chance to pitch as one of the closers. I thought I would give you a Twins All Star Quiz to see how much you remember about past Twins All Stars. Give yourself an All Star box seat if you answer all correctly.
1.  Name the Minnesota Twin who has started the most times in an All Star Game?
2.  There have been three pitchers over the years who have started an AL All Star Game. Name them?

3.  Over the years the Twins have had 7 catchers named to the AL All Star team. See if you can name 5 of the 7?
4.  In 2006, Torii Hunter made a great catch to take away a home run from a National League starter. Who was that hitter.
5.  Harmon Killebrew was an 11 time AL All Star.  But for some reason he started just a handful of game. How many games did he start?
6.  The Minnesota Twins have hosted two AL All Star games. What were the years?
7.  Just two Minnesota Twins have hit home runs in All Star competition. Who were the two?
8.  In the 1999 All Star game this Twins player caught the final out and he still has the ball to prove it. Who was that player? 
9.  Over the years the Twins have had one winning All Star pitcher and one losing All Star pitcher. Name the winning pitcher and the losing pitcher? 

10.  Just once a Minnesota Twin was named the MVP of the All Star game. Name that player and the year he won the award?


We will post the answers to the questions in a few days! 

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6. 1985 was when Lou Whitaker forgot his uniform for the All-Star Game in Minneapolis. He bought one from the concession stand and used a sharpie to put his number on the back. He didn’t add his name, though. 1965 in old Met Stadium was the second time.

10. Kirby Puckett, 1993

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