Hi Twins fans, 
I am always intrigued when a Twins players comes up with a developing performance.  Like, when Jason Kubel unloaded with his second grand slam of the season on Sunday, May 25th, I got to wondering  how many Twins players have hit two grand slam home runs in one season.  And then what is the Twins record for most Grand Slam home runs in one season.  Come to find out five players have hit three Grand Slams in one season, and no players has ever hit four.  The five that have hit five are; Bob Allison (’61), Rodney Carew (’76), Kent Hrbek (’85), Kirby Puckett (’93) and Torii Hunter (’07).  So if Kubel hits another this season he will enter the Twin record book tying him with the five players mentioned.  And should Kubel come up with two more “Grand Salami’s” he would set a new record. 
So far the Twins have hit three Grand Slam home runs (Morneau has th other).  That’s a far cry from the Twins team record for most Grand Slams in a season.  In 1961, the Twins first year in the Twins Citiies, the Twins team hit eight.  Just two seasons ago, the Twins came close to tying the record when they hit seven.
And just in case you are wondering the record for most Grand Slam home runs in a season by an idividual is 6, held by Don Mattingly of the New York Yankees.  He accompolished that feat in 1987 and he did it in just 141 games.  In in 2000 the Oakland Athletics set the record for most team Grand Slam home runs when they hit an incredible 14.
In my next blog I am going to take a look at the Twins schedule for the next 50 games.  The Twins just finished playing their 50th game on Sunday, the 25th of May and their record was 25-25.  What will the next 50 games bring record-wise?  Well when you take a look at the schedule you will see the Twins have an excellent chance of improving on that .500 record in the first 50.
“Touch ’em All,”
John Gordon   

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