Hi Twins fans,

Well we are off and running with the 2007 season, and so far, so good.  Looks like the Twins are going to have a winning April for the first time in two years. In 2005 the Twins were 15-8 in April. 

I?ll bet you didn?t know this about Michael Cuddyer??The Twins rightfielder had a banner year in 2005 hitting a career high in home runs, 24 and runs batted in, 109. But did you know that Michael was once a top wrestler and one time during his wrestling career he won 3 City Championships while attending Middle School. He wrestled in high school one year but then gave up a budding wrestling career to play basketball in the winter-time and baseball in the spring and summer. I guess is Michael ever get low-bridged and charges the mound the opponent?s pitcher better watch out, Michael just might put a arm lock and quick reversal and ?pin? him down!!

Twins Top Five Hitting Prospects?..Last time I presented five of the Twins top pitching prospects, now this time let?s take a look at some of the Twins top position players in the Twins minor league system: 

3B Matt Moses?.The Twins number one draft pick in the 2003 draft, Moses is starting out the season at AAA Rochester.  Billed as one of the Twins top hitting prospects, Moses has hit over .300 just once in the four seasons in the Twins Organization.  A lefthanded bat, Moses impressed some in spring training.  He reported in his best shape ever, and the Twins are looking for a big season from Matt Moses.

SS Paul Kelly?..Hampered by a knee injury, Kelly has been out all spring. He didn?t play in any spring training games, and he has yet to be assigned to a minor league team for the start of the 2007 season. A second round pick in the 2005 draft, Kelly hit a solid .280 last year at Beloit and is expected to play for Fort Myers if and when his knee injury clears up. 

OF Denard Span?..Starting the season at AAA Rochester, Span had a very good spring for the Twins.  He was in spring training as a member of the Twins 40 man roster and Ron Gardenhire said Span was ?100 per cent improved from last year.?  Span, the Twins number one draft pick in 2002, hit a steady .285 last year at New Britain. He has outstanding speed (perhaps the fastest player in the organization) and is a very good centerfielder. The Twins would like to see Span hit more for extra bases (of his 153 hits last year at NB only 24 were for extra bases) and also steal more bases, just 24 last season, a career high.

OF Chris Parmelee??The Twins number one draft pick last season, Parmelee is starting out this season at A-ball, Beloit.  Parmelee, a lefthanded bat, impressed last year when he hit 8 home runs in the short season Gulf Coast League. A high schooler out of Chino Hills, CA, Parmelee has a long way to go, but the word is ?he can hit.?

SS Trevor Plouffe?.Another number one pick.  Plouffe is really starting to come around.  After being the number one pick for the Twins in ?04 and the 20th pick overall, Plouffe started slow in his first two years in professional baseball. But last year after a slow start at Fort Myers, Plouffe had a great second half with the Fort Myers Miracle and ended up hitting .246. Plouffe is the shortstop at AA New Britain this year and he will be watched closely as he steadily climbs the ladder towards a major league career.

This Week?s Twins Quiz:  Earlier this season, the Twins were off and running in a game vs Baltimore.  They stole 5 bases in the game. Was that a Twins record? And if it wasn?t what is the record for most stolen bases in a game for the Twins. I?ll have the answer when I write again.

Now here?s the Answer to the Twins quiz from the last blog:

Last year the Twins had two players, Justin Morneau and Michael Cuddyer drive in more than 100 runs. Morneau had 130 and Michael Cuddyer had 109. And the Twins almost had another, remember Torii Hunter finished with 98. Have the Twins ever had three players with 100 or more runs batted in, and if so when was the last year they had three players with 100 or more?

No. The Twins have had two players drive in 100 or more runs 6 times prior to Morneau and Cuddyer…..but never have three.  In 1962, Killebrew and Allison had 100 or more and Rich Rollins had 96….and in ’77 Carew and Hisle had 100 or more and Lyman Bostock had 90….

That?s all for this time folks, I?ll have more for you in a week or so.

?Touch ?em All,?


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Hi Guys,

Any idea what is keeping Twins infielder Drew Thompson out of the lineup so far in 2007?

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